It important to enter each of the Judging Class identically otherwise it wont sort together

Std Orig = Standard Original
Std Main = Standard Maintained
Std Res = Standard Restored
Std Org = Standard Original
Mod Light = Modified Light
Mod Mod = Modified Moderate
Rad = Modified Radical
Unfin = Unfinished

Each Club to be entered per same fortmat otherwise it wont display total points per car
Auckland = Auckland
Canter = Canterbury
Central = Central Manawatu
Otago = Otago
Rotorua = Rotorua
Sth Cant = South Canterbury
Sthlnd = Southland
Taranaki = Taranaki
Wgtn = Wellington

Once all results entered then you can use fgollowing macros to perform various functions

Ctrl A Hide sub figures of each category just to show total group
Ctrl B Hide row 15
Ctrl C Sort by Judging Class
Ctrl D Define Print Area

To determine Club trophy go to columns AS to BA and the points per competitor will display in the applicable column. Delete the lowest amounts to retain the highest 5 from each Club.
It will add these 5 or less to show the total amount of accumulated points The